Our mission is to empower people to discover their inner beauty and share it with the outer world.

Our Values


We empower team members and retail partners to create innovative experiences for customers with our technology that helps them discover their personal style and live it with confidence.


Collaboration is the key ingredient theat leads to exponential success rather than incremental success.


Finding what you love should be fun , and so should working with Stylyze. Fun is codified into our products, relationships and corporate culture.


We think about the big picture in every decision we make. There is no box.

Leadership Team

Kristen is a passionate entrepreneur who has founded 4 companies in the Home Improvement/Home Décor Industry. Kristen believes that everyone is uniquely beautiful, and magic happens when people know how to express their beauty with confidence. As a founder of Stylyze, Kristen is excited to share this experience with the world while providing a transformative solution to retailers in the home décor and apparel industries.

Kristen Miller

CEO / Co-Founder

Lisa is an award winning interior designer who graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in interior architecture. She believes everyone deserves good design, and wants to help people be empowered to make confident design decisions. “I believe your space should be a reflection of yourself and what your love. At Stylyze we care about making your space and your life beautiful.”

Lisa Perrone

Chief Creative Officer/ Co-Founder

Sophie is an accomplished, awarded technology executive with a passion for solving big problems with technology. She is experienced in building scalable software, enterprise project management, leading devops teams, agile, capital raising, acquisitions, international expansion, strategic technology development and developing revolutionary solutions that win clients. She is the technical genius behind the magic of Stylyze.

Sophie Huang


Erika has 20 years of experience as an accomplished leader in tech business development, revenue acceleration and new market entry. She excels in delivering customer value and innovative solutions for growth stage companies and established Fortune 500 companies. Thriving in unchartered territory, Erika has built and led her own company, been on-the-ground in SaaS start-ups, and has held leadership roles in the Enterprise.

Erika Smith

Vice President of Market Development

Our Story


Kristen Miller and Lisa Perrone have spent a lot of time on the hunt for home décor products- both for themselves and their clients. The past 15 years Kristen has spent her spare time buying,remodeling and flipping homes. Professionally, her company Rainmakers offered sales, marketing and design services to contractors and trade professionals in the home improvement industry. Between her home flipping hobby and professional life, Kristen spent hundreds of hours showroom hopping with boxes of product samples, trying to find the perfect products that actually looked good together… She knew there had to be a better way.

Lisa graduated with a degree in Interior Architecture and spent the last several years working on commercial projects in the hospitality industry as well as working with residential clients who were remodeling or refreshing their homes. When she started working with homeowners she realized there was a problem. Our homes are deeply personal and often clients could describe how they wanted their home to feel, but had no way to describe how they wanted to evoke that feeling through the aesthetic. Even if they could say “I like blue”- there are 65,000 blues visible to the human eye so it didn’t help Lisa hone in on their color and style preferences so that she could translate those into a cohesive look.

Lisa’s solution to this problem was to spend hours with clients, looking at pictures and products in showrooms to derive their style. She would then translate their style, and the way they wanted their space to feel, into a complete design concept. Customers were really grateful for this process and would often buy the entire look. The problem was that the process was time consuming, and not everyone could afford professional interior design services.

Lisa wanted to find a way to offer this experience to everyone.

"They wanted this experience to be accessible to everyone and knew that the only way to do this was through technology."

Kristen and Lisa met in 2011, shared their stories, and decided to get to work to solve one of the biggest challenges in the retail space: providing a personal design experience to every customer so that they could seamlessly find and coordinate products that bring their style to life. They wanted this experience to be accessible to everyone and knew that the only way to do this was through technology.

They recruited a team of technology and product experts and dug into the technical nature of the problem, which just so happened to be a massive one...a layer of missing metadata on the web, a lack of data normalization, and no meta-intelligence to deliver the mind of a designer through code. After a few years of filing patents, beta testing, working with retail partners and end users to ensure product market fit and coding Lisa’s brain, they are excited to share the gift of Stylyze Discover with you. Their hope is that through your journey, you will discover your personal style and be empowered to share it with the world.